Favourites dominate Dolphin Coast Challenge

Favourites dominate Dolphin Coast Challenge

Taking substantial overnight leads into Sunday’s second and final stage of the Petrefuel Dolphin Coast Challenge, Hank McGregor and Michelle Burn proved their dominance winning the men’s and women’s titles respectively.

In the men’s race it was McGregor who was again unrivalled as he powered his way to another Dolphin Coast title and with it the KZN single ski crown.

For the North Coast veteran Sunday’s conditions were far more favourable from Salt Rock to uMdloti than they were on Saturday.

“I was really stoked to have the wind behind us today,” the Euro Steel/Fenn Kayaks’ McGregor said.

“It was just 24 kays of downwind and it was an awesome day out with the sun coming out towards the end of the race.

“I managed to get out clean and come in clean so really stoked to win the race overall and both stages.”

For Burn, who was ninth overall at the end of the first stage, enjoyed the conditions on Sunday as she powered home to a provincial title to add to her national and world championship crowns.

“I was really glad to have some downwind conditions today after yesterday’s long, hard slog,” Burn said.

“I got a pretty clean start but had to take a few waves at backline getting out but once I was out there it was everyone for themselves.

“I was able to link some nice runs together today and took a pretty shallow line but I didn’t see many people along the way and raced my own race today,” the Fenn Kayaks’ star added.

Burn produced a top display on Sunday to move up the overall results from ninth overnight to finish in sixth place.

Herman Chalupsky put in another strong day’s racing to finish in second place overall while it was another veteran of KZN ocean racing Barry Lewin who rounded out the top three after he put in a top display of downwind paddling to move from fifth to the podium.

One of the performances of the two days was young Matthew Coetzer who finished in the top five of the race as a junior.

Another youngster who showed her prowess was Saskia Hockly who finished second in the women’s race.
In the doubles division it was the mixed double pairing of Hamich Lovemore and Pippa McGregor who had another strong day to win the overall title while the Pietermaritzburg-based duo of Carl Folscher and Shane Millward ended second and Lee Furby and Barry Painting claimed third.

Summary of Results – Petrefuel Dolphin Coast Challenge
Day Two
1 Hank McGregor 1:25:55.82 2:52:57.35
2 Herman Chalupsky 1:32:05.55 3:08:06.07
3 Barry Lewin 1:31:53.45 3:09:50.02
4 Matthew Coetzer (U18) 1:35:27.10 3:13:13.73
5 Quinton Rutherford 1:36:32.72 3:14:38.38
6 Michelle Burn 1:35:41.68 3:15:48.21
7 Nic Burden 1:36:05.60 3:15:48.77
8 Joshua Simpkins (U18) 1:38:15.00 3:17:04.34
9 Steve Cohen 1:37:26.68 3:17:23.74
10 Brent Chiazzari 1:36:18.46 3:17:43.52
11 Brendon Thompson 1:36:40.42 3:18:37.89
12 Brad Pearse 1:39:03.69 3:18:50.84
13 Shaine Mcalister 1:38:36.68 3:20:54.52
14 Alex Masina (U23) 1:44:10.12 3:21:40.76
15 Andrew Cairns 1:41:12.11 3:22:55.50
16 Joe Terblanche 1:41:02.63 3:23:15.26
17 Benjamin Maehler (U18) 1:42:03.75 3:25:06.24
18 Bryce Lawson (U23) 1:42:39.93 3:27:29.56
19 Shadrack Mkhize 1:40:16.78 3:27:44.24
20 Jack Shooter (U18) 1:43:11.85 3:28:07.30

1 Hamish Lovemore/Pippa McGregor 1:32:23.83 3:03:22.36
2 Carl Folscher/Shane Millward 1:35:28.29 3:08:18.01
3 Lee Furby/Barry Painting 1:31:48.12 3:08:42.69
4 Bruce Wenke/Linton Hope 1:37:03.92 3:12:52.47
5 Bryce Hatton/Marc Stanton 1:36:23.70 3:13:58.80
6 Dean Chiazzari/Jayden Jansen Van Rensburg 1:36:52.15 3:18:36.62
7 Skye Prato/Don Gobey 1:40:41.18 3:22:59.64
8 Craig Cook/Brett Frost 1:41:32.57 3:23:59.77
9 Gary Waud/Glenn Hilliar 1:43:22.08 3:24:03.40
10 Zoog Haynes/Ty Haynes 1:37:53.87 3:25:22.81